L'isle Sonnante
French, Traditionnal
de Bistrot, Brasserie, French, Braserade, Flanders - Regional
Le Moutardier
Gastronomic, French, Provençal, Mediterrean
Le Palais Gourmand
Gastronomic, French, from South-West
La Palmeraie
French, Mediterrean, Provençal
L'epice And Love
French, Mediterrean, Provençal, Spanish
Le Coin Caché
French, Mediterrean, Provençal
Le Cintra
de Bistrot, French, Brasserie, Mediterrean
La Férigoulo
French, Mediterrean
Le Bercail
French, Mediterrean, Provençal, Italian
Avignon is a mecca initiation Provençal cooking: chefs, some charming, traditional or innovative concoct dishes in charming restaurants. Traders halls, the oldest covered market in the city, offering all year to discover the Provençal specialties and local products in a unique atmosphere