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Reviewed on: 26/03/2018
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Très bonne brasserie

Je connais peu de brasserie aussi conviviale où l'on mange si bien.

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We've visited Le Cabestan a number of times...

We've visited Le Cabestan a number of times (probably 5) over the last 2-3 years and each visit was great - very interesting food, very good service. Our most recent visit, on Wednesday 10 August '11, turned all that on its head for some reason. We arrived at 7pm and were shown to our table, given menus and asked if we wanted an apperitif. We had to resort to catching the maitre d's attention 35 minutes later to give our order i.e. 7.35pm. Our starters didn't arrive until 8.20pm - mine was a fish soup, and my husband had ordered a salad, so it should not have taken 45 minutest. My main course (steak) arrived at 9pm - 2 hours after our arrival, by which time I was famished and amusing our 5 year old was becoming increasing hard work. It was also tepid, and the pepper sauce had congealed indicating it has been sitting around for quite some minutes. No sign of my husband's food? The waiter was by now moving so fast - and looking the other way all the time that it was seriously impossible to get his attention - he was avoiding us. I had finished every bite on my plate and there was still no sign of my husbands steak. When it finally arrived at 9.15pm, it was very badly cooked - and the meat hadn't been rested. He couldn't eat it, and just ate the chips. The plates were removed without any enquiry as to why all the main component of one remained. We left at 9.40pm and got a cheery au revoir from the Maitre D. Horrendous service and very hit and miss food. We'd have left after the starters if we weren't on a set menu. Unforgiveable.

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Je n'ai pas pu gouter les plats dans ce restaur...

Je n'ai pas pu gouter les plats dans ce restaurant soit disant recommandable car après 45 mn d'attente, et après que j'ai demandé au serveur combien de temps prendrait l'élaboration de 2 plateaux de fruits de mer, celui me répondit : si ça commence comme ça ! et est reparti avec les menus et autre carte des vins...Donc, nous avons été voir ailleurs.... L'hôtel où nous résidions avait envoyé ce soir là 14 personnes dans ce restaurant qui a été le sujet de conversation au petit déjeuner du lendemain : tout le monde a été très mécontent. Outre la lenteur du service, 40 mn entre les plats,certains se demandent encore ce qu'ils ont mangé, tant les plats étaient bâclés... Adresse à ne pas recommander...

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After searching for a seafood / fish restaurant...

After searching for a seafood / fish restaurant i was very pleased to find one so close to the sea and open on a Wednesday. But sadly that is as far as the good comments go. The choice on the menu was poor and below standard, and this mirrored the food. We ordered a salad to start which arrived covered in oil / corriander and curry powder, (the thought of Gordon Ramsey being called in to resuce this cafe was starting to creep in) the poor quality ingredients and flavour less prawns would of certinly been his first cause for concern. The main course was beef with onions, which arrived, covered in fatty oil, tasting of fish and coriander again, hmmm a familiar patten was starting to unfold, and we were both looking forward to dessert, except the constant reminder of the over use of oil and corriander to flavour the meals was enough for us to order the bill (46EURO's) for two and leave. Avoid like swine flu.

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