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Le prestigieux guide Michelin 2019 compte six nouveaux restaurants avec 1 étoile en België. Trois en Flandre: Eed (Louvain), Nathan (Anvers), Franq (Anvers) et trois en Wallonië: La plage d'Amée (Jambes), Little Paris (Waterloo ) en La Ligne Rouge (l'Asne).

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1 Michelin star
Gastronomic, Region-tied
1 Michelin star
Fancy bread and salted butter, seafood, fish, cider. Gastronomy in Cornwall is tasty and diverse, ready to satisfy the most demanding palates. This cuisine favors market cuisine: periwinkles, scallops Jacques, sea spiders, fish, caught the night can be found on the stalls of the fishmongers. But local star remains the buckwheat pancake, often imitated, rarely equaled, traditional or revisited, it is eaten without complex whole season.